I'll have been at the Post three years this summer

Question: Does having my doubts about the Liberals' sudden interest in Darfur make me a cynical bastard?

Read today's column (not here, yet) and decide for yourself.

Of course, one thing that I barely even touched on is that, however good their intentions, this particular plan for ending the bloodshed seems to have all kinds of potential to go completely awry. But I'll wait until we have real, concrete details before leaping to conclusions.

Stop laughing

I'm always a little mixed on Coner Oberst. Mega-talented, mega-interesting, but also mega-irritating if you're in the wrong mood.

But there's no denying it: Last night, the guy achieved the impossible. He made The Tonight Show seem cool.

Seriously. The dude turns up in front of Middle America on the safest, most comfortable, most predictable program on the continent, and sings When the President Talks to God. Wearing a completely ridiculous cowboy suit, hat and all.

To preserve whatever remains of my previously massive street cred, I should point out that I can't attest for what happened in the first 56 minutes of last night's show. But the last four were some of the best TV I've seen in quite a while.