Tammy Bruce: Misses the Point

As much as I like Tammy Bruce her quick post on the recent walkout of BC border guards Tammy Bruce: Canadian Border “Guards” Flee Posts After Security Scare omits a critical piece of information that allows her and (so far a few) her commentors to make some glib statements about how guards are supposed to guard the border and maybe they need to put a wall up here etc etc.

Let me do a quick reset for you: Canadian Border Guards are unarmed. They have been protesting this for a long time now and are hoping that the current Conservative government will allow them to carry guns. Normally this wasn't a big deal but since 9/11 they have been more sensitive to putting them selves in harms way without means of defending themselves.

They currently walk off if they are warned about a potential danger because they feel they have no way of protecting themselves or of being able to a successfully aprehend armed criminals or terrorists who wish to cross the border.

The current Conservative government made some indications during the last election that they would arm border guards. I believe this latest walk off to be a gentle reminder.

Here's hoping that they get their guns soon.

For the record here's the quote from the article that makes the situation very clear:

Canada's border guards are currently unarmed - the Conservative government has promised a 10-year program to change that — and have the right to walk off the job if conditions are dangerous. The guards exercised that right.