(Green)peace out

Really a shame about Bob Hunter.

I interviewed Bob a few years ago for Pundit, back when he was running for the provincial Liberals in Beaches-East York. Fascinating guy. And he would've been a fascinating MPP, though I think he'd have proven more than a handful for McGuinty.

I hate even to bring this up, but there are several New Democrats I've never been able to stomach after what they did to him during that by-election campaign. Not that he likely would've won anyway. But trying to destroy the reputation of a decent guy - a guy they'd gladly have accepted as their own candidate - through completely scurrilous allegations was one of the most despicable things I've ever seen in politics.

Anyway, enough of that. The main thing is, it's a shame Bob is gone. He was too young, and no doubt had a lot more in store for us if he'd been given the chance.

Up & Down again

Sorry, folks. The stream has been up & down lately. What's been happening is a lot of BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) crashes on my Windows PC. I have tried a bunch of things and it seems to be better now, but still not 100% stable.

What I really need to do is buy a new computer (again) but I'm not sure I want to buy another Windows machine, don't have time to monkey with Linux, and not sure I can get SitG to run on a Mac without, again, a big time commitment. So I'm going to try to keep things up as much as possible while I look at a better long-term solution.