Random music notes

Yesterday, I was driving around listening to the new Weezer album, and thinking it was pretty decent, if not spectacular. Then I switched to the radio for a moment, and by pure coincidence El Scorcho was on at that particular moment. And I was reminded that this could've been a great band, not just a very good one, if Rivers Cuomo hadn't let the bad reviews at the time scare him away from keeping up with the evolution that Pinkerton hinted at.

Had my first listening session yesterday. Very strange experience…journalists sitting around a big table listening to an album that they're basically sworn to secrecy on.

I'd tell you more, but, you know the secrecy thing. I'll just say that, much as the labels don't have much choice if they're going to keep their best products from leaking online, I'm not sure this is quite how music was meant to be heard.

There's a bunch of new stuff over in the music area. Live review of Ryan Adams…rather effusive interview/write-up of Mando Diao…reviews of the Eels and Caesars discs, among others. Go nuts.

Speaking of our favourite eccentrics...

The new Ryan Adams is rather good. If you liked Heartbreaker or the old Whiskeytown stuff, it'll be right up your alley.

Funny thing about this album. If you put it on in the car, or as background at home, it comes off pretty bland. But if you actually sit down and give it its due, you'll find yourself immersed pretty quickly.

If reviews of his recent shows are any indication, tonight's gig at the Kool Haus promises to be a bit of a train wreck. But at the very least, I'm guessing there's little danger of being bored.